www.choiceunderwear.pl shop terms and conditions

On 25th May 2018 came in force the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of European Union no. 2016/679 of 27th April 2016 on Protection of Natural Persons in Relation to Processing of Personal Data and on Free Flow of Such Data and the Repeal of Directive 95/46/EC. In relation to the above, Choice Underwear with headquarters in Siechnice presents the following information regarding the processing of your Personal Data.

CHOICE UNDERWEAR 10A/14 Kościelna St., 55-011 Siechnice, Poland (hereinafter referred to as “the Administrator”) is the Administrator of Personal Data forwarded in Choice Underwear shop registration form and/or Personal data forwarded in order form.

Personal Data are processed in order to carry out orders on website www.choiceunderwear.pl and in order to send you information of advertisement and commercial nature. The legal basis for processing of your Personal Data is their necessity in carrying out product purchase agreement or to undertake actions on your request before the said agreements are concluded and in case of sending information of advertisement and commercial nature - legally justified interest of the Administrator consisting of processing Personal Data for direct marketing purposes.

We store the Data until you delete your account on website www.choiceunderwear.pl. The Data are not forwarded to other entities processing Personal Data aside from those entities, to which forwarding the Data is necessary for the needs of delivering the order to the Customer - courier companies.

According to valid provisions, you have the right to access contents of your Persona Data and correct or remove them, limit their processing, to object to their processing, and request transfer of such Data to another administrator. Each Data Subject has the right at any moment to object - for reasons related to its specific situation - against processing data concerning its Personal Data in cases, when the legal basis for processing in the legally justified interest of the Administrator. In order to use the above rights, you should send to the Administrator an appropriate message via e-mail on address: kontakt@choiceunderwear.pl

www.choiceunderwear.pl internet shop (hereinafter referred to as “the Shop”) is run by CSD Arkadiusz Musielewski Company with headquarters at: 10a/14 Kościelna St., 55-011 Siechnice, Poland, written in CERIEA under REGON number 360617747 and NIP number 665-284-42-76 (hereinafter referred to as “the Provider”). CSD Arkadiusz Musielewski is the owner and official representative of the CHOICE brand. Sales, promotion, and using name, logo, photos, or promotional materials without written permission from CSD Arkadiusz Musielewski is forbidden.

§1. General provisions:

1. These Terms and Conditions determine the rules of using the Shop available under address www.choiceunderwear.pl, which runs retail sale of CHOICE brand male underwear via the Internet network.

2. Under technical requirements necessary to co-operate with the IT system, which the Provider uses, in order to carry out purchase, the Customer should have an active e-mail account and device connected to the Internet that meet the following minimum technical requirements: site supports two newest versions of web browsers listed below, which possess an active JavaScript technology: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Note: The website will not work correctly on browsers: Chrome 15, Firefox 15, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5, or on their older versions. It will be necessary to update browser in order to use the shop. §2. Orders:

1. To submit an order, the Customer must accept the Terms and Conditions and fill out an order form.

2. Orders from Customers are accepted by the Shop 24 hours a day. Orders submitted on working days after 19:00 (7 PM), on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be examined from 9:00 (9 AM) of subsequent working day. The Shop carries out orders on the territory of Poland.

3. Information on goods presented on website www.choiceunderwear.pl do not constitute an offer in the understanding of Art. 66 of Civil Code, but are only an invitation to submitting offers.

4. By sending an order to the Shop, the Customer submits an offer to conclude a sale agreement on products ordered in the Shop. Order acceptance confirmation sent by the Shop on e-mail address provided by the Customer constitutes as a declaration of accepting the offer mentioned above and at the same time confirms the conclusion of agreement between the Customer and the Provider.

5. On matters concerning the order, the Shop will contact the Customer via phone on number or in the form of electronic correspondence on e-mail address provided when submitting the order.

6. In case when the product offered in the Shop and ordered by the Customer is unavailable, the Shop will immediately inform the Customer about it in the contents of electronic correspondence sent to the Customer.

7. The Shop has the right to decline an order, limit payment methods, or request a prepayment in case, when the order raises doubts regarding the authenticity and reliability of provided Data or payment method.

8. Change in order or its cancellation can be done until the moment of forwarding the order for shipment. A condition for implementing changes in order is confirming via e-mail the correctness of order changes sent by the Shop.

§3. Payment and delivery:

1. The execution of order is done after the Provider receives a confirmation of receiving payment on bank account in case of payment methods other than cash on delivery. In case of cash on delivery, the execution is carried out immediately after the order is submitted by the Customer.

2. Available payment methods and delivery costs are determined in the Payments methods tab.

3. The Customer, who choose transfer payment option, is obliged to make payment for submitted order within 3 working days from the date of submitting the order. Otherwise, the Shop’s offer is not binding and the order is cancelled about which the Customer will be informed on e-mail address provided by him.

4. Directly after making the payment or selecting cash on delivery payment method, the Customer receives the confirmation of sending a parcel via e-mail.

5. The parcel contains the ordered goods along with fiscal receipt or, on the Customer’s request, VAT invoice.

6. The Shop sends the ordered goods via services of DPD Courier Company.

7. Order execution time is 2 to 3 working days and depends on the availability of given product and selected payment method.

8. In case, when the Customer implements changes in orders, the above date reset on the day of confirming changes by the Customer.

9. When picking up a parcel with order, the Customer should check the condition of the parcel. In case of detecting a destruction of damage of packaging there is a possibility to prepare a damage protocol in the presence of the courier. Damage protocol sent to the Shop along with a complaint will facilitate its examination.

§4. Withdrawal from agreement:

1. The Customer, who concluded a distance agreement, has the right to withdraw from it without providing a reason by submitting the appropriate written declaration within 14 days. This date is a deadline and counts from the date of issuing items. To keep this deadline it will suffice to send a declaration before its expiration on the Provider’s headquarters address.

2. The return should occur immediately and no later than within 14 days. The purchased goods should be returned to the Provider and to keep this deadline it will suffice to send goods back before its expiration on the Shop’s address.

3. The return of payments done by the Customer occurs immediately and no later than within 14 days from receiving the agreement withdrawal declaration. In case of withdrawal from agreement, the Customer is entitled to the return of initially covered costs of delivering purchased goods, but in an amount no bigger than the cost of cheapest item delivery method offered by the Shop. As date of making payment return is considered the date of charging bank account of the Provider.

§5. Complaints:

1. The Shop will oblige to deliver the ordered goods without defects and in deadlines determined above.

2. The Shop is responsible for faulty good within 24 months from the date of delivering a parcel.

3. The Customer is obliged to send back faulty goods on the Shop’s address at his own expense.

4. In case of taking a complaint into account, the Shop returns the Customer the costs of delivering the goods. The Shop suffers the cost of sending the product back to the Customer.

5. Deadline for addressing the complaint is 14 days. No addressing within this deadline is equal to recognising the complaint as justified.

§6. Privacy policy and Personal Data protection:

1. Before submitting an order, the Customer agrees to process the provided Personal Data by the Provider in order to carry out the order. Providing Personal Data and agreeing to process them is voluntary, but necessary in order to conclude and carry out sale agreement and provide services.

2. Personal Data are used to carry out sale agreements and therefore they can be forwarded to entities responsible for delivering ordered goods.

3. The Customers have the right to access the contents of their Data and correct them. The Shop is not responsible for errors in order service or other instructions of the Customer, which resulted from providing incorrect Data by the Customer.

4. CSD Arkadiusz Musielewski Company with headquarters at: 10a/14 Kościelna St., 55-011 Siechnice, Poland, written in CERIEA under REGON number 360617747 and NIP number 665-284-42-76 is the Personal Data Administrator.

5. The Customer has the right to request the cessation of Personal Data processing. In case, when provided Data are necessary to use services or carry out the sale agreement, the request to cease processing of the said Data is equal to cessation of providing services or cancellation of submitted order.

§7. Final provisions:

1. The Terms and Conditions come into force on 1st September 2016. The contents of Terms and Conditions are available in headquarters of the Provider and on website www.choiceunderwear.pl

2. The Provider reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Any changes come into force on date indicated by the Provider within period of no less than 14 days from the date of making the changes available on website www.choiceundewear.pl. Orders submitted by the Customer before the changes to Terms and Conditions come into force are carried out on the basis of provisions valid at the date of submitting the order.

3. On matters not covered in these Terms and Conditions will be applicable the provisions of Polish Law, in particular Civil Code and Act on Consumer Rights (Polish Office Journal of 2014, pos. 827).